My name's Lyssa, I'm a 20 year old ciswoman. My pronouns are she/her/herself.

My blog is basically just a clusterfuck of fandoms and human rights stuff. So, follow me if you like that stuff, I guess?

Things I Miss About You

  • Cuddling with you
  • Your warmth
  • Your breath on the back of my neck
  • Kisses on the back of my neck
  • and the top of my head
  • and my forehead
  • and nose
  • and really just kisses in general
  • Kissing you
  • Holding you
  • Being held by you
  • Holding your hand
  • Hearing your heartbeat
  • Stealing your clothes
  • Your smile
  • The way you look at me
  • Your eyes
  • Sitting in your lap 
  • When you lift me up and my legs wrap around your waist
  • Piggy-back rides
  • Sitting on your shoulders
  • Your concern face (never thought I’d say that)
  • The way you can make me feel better so easily
  • Your pouty face
  • The way you mimic me
  • Just being with you
  • Talking to you
  • or sitting in comfortable silence
  • Showering with you
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    Your sex face. Not even sex, just your sex face